Monday, 9 March 2015

War In The Desert - Tank VS Helicopter - Documentary Films Channel

The role of tank vs. tank combat is becoming diminished. Tanks function in concert with infantry in city warfare by deploying them in advance of the army. When engaging enemy infantry, containers can offer covering fire on the combat zone. Conversely, containers could spearhead attacks when infantry are set up in personnel providers.

Tanks were used to spearhead the initial US invasion of Iraq in 2003. Britain deployed its Challenger 2 storage tanks to assist its procedures in southern Iraq.

Israeli Merkava storage tanks have features that enable them to support infantry in reduced intensity disputes (LIC) and counter-terrorism procedures. Such features are the back door and rear corridor, enabling the storage tank to bring infantry and begin securely; the IMI APAM-MP-T multi-purpose ammo round, advanced C4IS systems and recently: TROPHY current defense system which protects the container from shoulder-launched anti-tank weapons. During the Second Intifada even more modifications were made, marked as "Merkava Mk. 3d Baz LIC".

In regards to firepower, the emphasis of existing R&D is on boosted detection ability such as thermal imagers, automaticed fire command systems and increased muzzle power from the weapon to enhance accuracy, wide range and armour seepage. One of the most mature future gun modern technology is the electrothermal-chemical weapon. The XM291 electrothermal-chemical storage tank weapon has gone through effective multiple firing series on a tweaked M8 Armored Gun System body.

To enhance storage tank defense, one field of research entails making the tank unseen to radar by adjusting stealth modern technologies originally made for airplane.

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